Content Marketing Fits into Every
of Building Your Business

There is no aspect of a business that is not touched by the need for content. It doesn’t matter whether it’s social media or your blog – you need continuous, relevant, and unique content that resonates with your target audience for each channel and platform.

  • Social media – Infographics, memes, quotes, sharing of blog posts, articles, and other information.
  • Blogs – Many different types of content can be put on a blog, from how to blog posts, to video blogs (vlogs), to presentations.
  • Landing / sales pages – These are really two different types of content, but both require knowledge of copywriting. If you have a choice, these are the first types of content you should outsource.
  • Membership sites – You’ll need blog posts, reports, information products, message board posts, courses and more.
  • Podcasts – You may need a script for your podcast or at least an idea of what you’ll discuss and say.
  • Webinars – Same as podcasts except you may need a slide show or PowerPoint to share with your audience.

There are more places than this where content is needed, but this gives you an idea of the enormous amount of content that you require. You’re not going to have time to create all that content alone. You’re going to want to outsource some of it.

If you see it as a true investment, like you would if you purchased a TV commercial, then you will free yourself up from the pressure to do it all yourself. When you look at this, you see immediately how important content is to your business. In many ways, without content you don’t even have a business today.

Content permeates every single activity you do in your business. To do that, you have to create many different types of content for all aspects of your business.